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Going green has become a growing trend, but when it comes to the future of our planet, it goes much deeper than that. As populations grow and ecosystems change, we as humans are responsible for maintaining the delicate balance to keep our world – and all who live in it – thriving. With Golden Bee Homes, we make living in luxury sustainable, so you can live how you want while creating a much smaller carbon footprint.

Lower your carbon footprint with a Golden Bee construction or renovation. Speak with one of our experts at 416-495-8282, or reach out to us online today.

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Our Architecture & Design-Build Services Our Architecture & Design-Build Services

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Why Going Green is the Only Way to Bee

Depending on usage, resources such as water, electricity, and gas have a huge impact on the environment. As it stands, buildings – including homes – account for over 30% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions, according to Architecture 2030. Green homes can help to significantly lower these emissions and come with many other benefits such as:

Energy Efficiency 

Even simply switching to LED light bulbs can have an immensely positive impact on the environment. This is because a single LED bulb will consume around 30 times less energy than a single incandescent bulb. 

Water Efficiency 

Low-flow fixtures work to cut water consumption significantly. When applied to faucets, showers, and toilets, your home uses up far less water without any detrimental­­ changes to your everyday routine.

Improve Air Quality

Heating and cooling systems make up the bulk of the harmful emissions released into the world – with air conditioning being responsible for nearly 100 million tons of emissions alone. Using geothermal HVAC systems helps to reduce the amount of energy needed to function because heat is being transferred instead of produced, and removing heat from the air uses a lot less energy to cool your home. It also significantly reduces the number of air pollutants caused by traditional HVAC systems.

Throughout the deconstruction, construction, and/or renovation process, we not only donate reusable materials to Habitat for Humanity, but we also infuse the essence of sustainability within our designs, bringing you luxury, comfort, and environmental conscientiousness. 

Learn more about how you can make your home more eco-friendly by contacting Golden Bee Homes today. Give us a call at 416-495-8282 or contact us online now.

The Architectural Design Process The Architectural Design Process

The Golden Process

Design Step 1

Our process starts with an on-site meeting with a designer to understand your goals, expectations, needs, and wants. From there, we’ll develop a design, select materials, and prepare a detailed budget.

Refine Step 2

After the initial design, you’ll have time to review and consider all aspects of the project and refine it until you’ve signed off on the final designs and decisions.

Build Step 3

Once all the logistics are in place, we’re ready to get to begin construction. We will keep you informed throughout the build, and we aren’t done until the final walk-through ensures you’re thrilled with the results.

Our Services to Help You Go Green

We incorporate eco-friendly solutions in our architectural and interior designs to build you a home you can love while doing your part to protect the environment with your vision and budget in mind. You can explore your green options for the services we offer, including:

Your dream home is only a call away. Contact Golden Bee Homes online or dial 416-495-8282 now! 

Completing Projects Throughout The Greater Toronto Area Completing Projects Throughout The Greater Toronto Area

Completing projects throughout the
greater toronto area

Go Green with Golden Bee Homes

For a homeowner, we understand that your home is one of the most important assets to you – filled with memories, love, and your dreams for the future. At Golden Bee Homes, we take your unique vision and turn them into a reality using our many years of experience and expertise to deliver exceptional results. After getting to know a bit about our amazing team, you’ll know why our history of award-winning projects makes us the perfect catalyst for your dream home construction or renovation. 

For green construction and renovation you can trust, choose Golden Bee Homes. Speak with one of our team members at 416-495-8282 or submit an inquiry online.

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We contracted Golden Bee Homes to do a basement renovation which included installing a new bathroom. Site supervisor Pars did an excellent job of coordinating the many sub-contractors to ensure that the project kept on schedule. As a result, our renovation project was completed on schedule which is something you don’t hear very often with home renovations. The sub-contractors showed up when expected and completed their work in a professional manner. We were very happy with the completed basement renovation, the quality of work and the attention to detail. We would definitely recommend Golden Bee Homes for any home renovations you are considering.

Linda H. - 2021

Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Knowledge & Expertise

Simply outstanding. We've had 5 separate contractors work on our antique Victorian home over the last 15 years, all engaged to implement modern, state-of-the-art, minimalist/contemporary design directions within our 1896 exterior. Without question --and by a large margin --Jack and his colleagues at Golden Bee remain the hands-down winners in every respect. We would be hard-pressed to put our admiration of and appreciation for Jack and Golden Bee into words: they delivered superlative work under or within spitting distance of our budget; there were no surprises on budget or timing; their communication is excellent; their trades are highest quality in performance.

Charles L. - 2020

Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Passion

From the outset, and throughout the project, Golden Bee Homes staff were a pleasure to work with. Theyprovided a package for our condominium corporation containing all necessary documents required -corporation application form, electrical and plumbing company licenses, insurance details, etc. The contractors were experts in their trade, respected our property and a pleasure to have in our home, since we lived there throughout the renovation. The results were everything we hoped for. The highlight of the project was working with Pars, a true expert, whose professionalism, and attention to detail ensured that the result was beyond our expectations We would not hesitate to recommend Golden Bee Homes to anyone.

Pat M. - 2021

Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Passion

We worked with Golden Bee Homes in 2017 on a massive whole home renovation. We are very satisfied with our beautifully renovated home. Like with all big renos there were some bumps along the way. Jack and his expert and growing team did their best to make us happy and in the end we are! Just recently I reached out, 3.5 yrs after completion, to ask about some cabinetry repairs that needed doing (alignment on drawers). I asked if I should be in touch with the custom installers or whether GBH would take care of it. Well, take care, they did! Within a day I heard back from them and within 1 week, the repairs were complete. This company stands behind their "product" and…

Sarah G. - 2021

Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Honesty & Integrity

There are so many different moving pieces and considerations when deciding to take on the adventure of building a custom home. One of the biggest pieces is obviously who you choose to take on to execute your build. After interviewing numerous builders we decided to go with Golden Bee Homes. Now, as we have lived in our beautiful home for almost a year, we can say with the upmost confidence that we made the right decision. From the beginning Jack, Apo and Daron were honest, upfront, transparent and ethical when it came to the planning and execution for our project. No plan is completed without difficulties, workarounds, and compromises. However, even in the middle of a pandemic, there were very few issues that we…

Jennifer L. - 2021

Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Honesty & Integrity
Award winning
Award winning



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