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We contracted Golden Bee Homes to do a basement renovation which included installing a new bathroom.

Site supervisor Pars did an excellent job of coordinating the many sub-contractors to ensure that the project kept on schedule. As a result, our renovation project was completed on schedule which is something you don’t hear very often with home renovations.

The sub-contractors showed up when expected and completed their work in a professional manner.

We were very happy with the completed basement renovation, the quality of work and the attention to detail.

We would definitely recommend Golden Bee Homes for any home renovations you are considering.

Linda H. - 2021
Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Knowledge & Expertise

Simply outstanding. We've had 5 separate contractors work on our antique Victorian home over the last 15 years, all engaged to implement modern, state-of-the-art, minimalist/contemporary design directions within our 1896 exterior. Without question --and by a large margin --Jack and his colleagues at Golden Bee remain the hands-down winners in every respect. We would be hard-pressed to put our admiration of and appreciation for Jack and Golden Bee into words: they delivered superlative work under or within spitting distance of our budget; there were no surprises on budget or timing; their communication is excellent; their trades are highest quality in performance.

Charles L. - 2020
Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Passion

From the outset, and throughout the project, Golden Bee Homes staff were a pleasure to work with. Theyprovided a package for our condominium corporation containing all necessary documents required -corporation application form, electrical and plumbing company licenses, insurance details, etc.

The contractors were experts in their trade, respected our property and a pleasure to have in our home, since we lived there throughout the renovation. The results were everything we hoped for.

The highlight of the project was working with Pars, a true expert, whose professionalism, and attention to detail ensured that the result was beyond our expectations

We would not hesitate to recommend Golden Bee Homes to anyone.

Pat M. - 2021
Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Passion

We worked with Golden Bee Homes in 2017 on a massive whole home renovation. We are very satisfied with our beautifully renovated home. Like with all big renos there were some bumps along the way. Jack and his expert and growing team did their best to make us happy and in the end we are! Just recently I reached out, 3.5 yrs after completion, to ask about some cabinetry repairs that needed doing (alignment on drawers). I asked if I should be in touch with the custom installers or whether GBH would take care of it. Well, take care, they did! Within a day I heard back from them and within 1 week, the repairs were complete. This company stands behind their "product" and will go out of their way to make things right. Apo, as always, was professional and extremely trustworthy. We hope this helps others find the right team for home renovations in the GTA. Thanks again Golden Bee team!

Sarah G. - 2021
Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Honesty & Integrity

There are so many different moving pieces and considerations when deciding to take on the adventure of building a custom home. One of the biggest pieces is obviously who you choose to take on to execute your build. After interviewing numerous builders we decided to go with Golden Bee Homes. Now, as we have lived in our beautiful home for almost a year, we can say with the upmost confidence that we made the right decision.

From the beginning Jack, Apo and Daron were honest, upfront, transparent and ethical when it came to the planning and execution for our project. No plan is completed without difficulties, workarounds, and compromises. However, even in the middle of a pandemic, there were very few issues that we cameacross and we are certain that this was because of the commitment of Apo and Daron to the Golden Bee name. Apo and Daron were always available to discuss any concerns we had. Even now, as we are moved in to our home we know that if we ever need to call them they will get back to us or even come to the house promptly to address any concerns we have.

We extend our upmost thanks and appreciation to Jack and everyone at Golden Bee to making our dream home a reality. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

Jennifer L. - 2021
Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Honesty & Integrity

Jack and his team did an amazing job on my library/office renovation. Due to the pandemic, I needed to renovate my office space and make it more functional so that I could work from home. Jack and his team provided an exceptional service from start to finish. They were very professional, punctual, clean, knowledgeable and most importantly very detailed oriented. During the whole process, I always felt that I was being treated with royalty. I am glad I made the choiceof hiring Golden Bee Homes and I definitely recommend them.

Hermine T. - 2021
Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Quality

The Golden Bee Homes team was very high quality, reliable and reachable for discussions. Covid delayed the renovation process, but the result was wonderful. It is more expensive than many other firms, but it is worth it. If I were to buy a high quality mens suit that would fit me perfectly, last for years, and be admired by others, I would go to Harry Rosen and not Walmart.

Kaspars T. - 2021
Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Quality

I first worked with Golden Bee Homes over seven years ago when they completed a large renovation of my condo including kitchen and master bath. I was (and still am) very happy with the process and the final results. They offered solid advice, paid attention to details I wouldn’t have thought of, left the worksite clean and did a beautiful and professional job. I only dropped in on the job occasionally. The Site Supervisor, Pars, took care of everything-materials, trades, and working within the confines of condo rules. Subsequent to thatReno I’ve called Jack to help me with smaller projects and he has always responded immediately.

Naturally, when it was time to reno the foyer and guest bathroom, I once again called Golden Bee. Their dedicated Site Supervisor Pars again took care of my project from start to finish...but this time he also had to deal with the Pandemic! Things started to shut down shortly after demo occurred. Despite huge obstacles, Pars managed to work within the safety guidelines, get materials on site, and bring in the trades to produce a wonderful result.

Therefore, I unequivocally recommend Golden Bee to anyone who wants a quality renovation with no aggravation!

Sandra M. - 2022
Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Empathy

I am so happy with how my new kitchen turned out! I had a different renovation firm that couldn't do the job in a timely manner so they found me Jack and Golden Bee and I'm very glad that they did! Jack and his team are very professional and great to work with. Apo and Daron were my Production and Project Managers and they did an amazing job steering me through the process. Daron went above and beyond, to ensure I was happy with the results.

Deborah W. - 2021
Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Knowledge & Expertise

Last year when I was looking for a renovation company to completely redo my condo, after much research, I came across Golden Bee Homes. From the first meeting with Jack and Varak, to the planning and budget meetings with Jack and Apo, to the day to day dealings and details of the project with Pars, it has been a most pleasant experience. Right away I felt comfortable, everyone was always friendly, respectful, honest and considerate.

Looking back at the last few months, I can say that I was in good hands and my best interest was always a priority.

The project included a total gutting of the unit, including the kitchen, 3 bathrooms, all floors and ceilings, altering some walls, all plumbing and electrical and much more.

The level of professionalism, organisation, experience, knowledge of the industry, quality of workmanship, attention to every detail and interaction with the condominium management have all been exemplary.

At every stage of the planning and during the several months of construction there was always total communication. Apo and Pars were very helpful and explained everything very clearly. Pars took care of everything, supervised all the work and all the trades. He was always patient and available to answer all my questions and to discuss every minute detail that I had in mind. Thank you for making my renovation project a fun and enjoyable experience.

My condo looks amazing and I couldn’t be happier to have chosen Golden Bee Homes.

Pascale P. - 2020
Core Value Highlighted in this Experience: Empathy

To Whomever It May Concern,

Based on the recommendation of friends, I contracted Golden Bee to replace the front door of my 1920 built home. I mention the year of construction as the house has shifted over the years and the project was not a simple matter of ordering and replacing.

I was very happy with the personalized service I received from Mr. Jack Torossian when selecting a door and accessories as well as the actual installation of said door and accessories. A Golden Bee supervisor was on site the entire time to ensure the work was done to their high standards, despite the relatively small scope of my project. Upon completion of the job, I was told to feel free to call if any problems should arise in the future. Needless to say no such call was needed. These days, it’s rare to find a company who stands behind their work the way Golden Bee does.

I was so happy with my experience that I would not hesitate to recommend Golden Bee to anyone who asks.

Yours truly,

N. N. H. - 2020

We are happy to offer a letter of recommendation to Jack and Golden Bee.

Their work is simply outstanding. We’ve had 5 separate contractors work on previous home, an antique Victorian home over the last 15 years, all engaged to implement modern, state-of-the-art, minimalist/contemporary design directions within its 1896 exterior.Without question — and by a large margin — Jack and his colleagues at Golden Bee remain the hands-down winners in every respect. We would be hard-pressed to put our admiration of and appreciation for Jack and Golden Bee into adequate words, but we’ll try:

  • they delivered superlative work under or within spitting distance of our budget;
  • there were no surprises on budget or timing;
  • their communication is excellent;
  • their trades are highest quality in performance, polite, friendly.
  • special shout-out to Pars for his unmatchable work in site supervision.

Above all, Jack and Golden Bee’s warmth and humanity establish them as true winners in the renovation and construction field.We recommend them fully, without reservation.Sincerely,

C. L. - 2020

To whom It May Concern:

I hired Golden Bee Homes to do renovations in the condo I bought approximately six years ago and was very pleased both with the process and the result. Then when I had hip surgery two years ago and they said I could not go home unless I had safety bars in my shower, I called Jack. He arranged for Pars to come with the bars and install them on the day I was released. So, when I decided to renovate my foyer and guest bathroom, I did not even contact anyone else- I called Jack. Their service begins right from the beginning. Jack came and looked at what I was planning and gave me some excellent advice about design, materials, brands, and types of faucets as well as recommending where to go to shop. I was particularly pleased with the quality of the custom vanity from the company he deals with. Once I had selected everything we met to review and sign the contract.

Because I am in a condo, I had to complete a Reno permission form and submit it to my Property Manager for approval prior to the job. When I went to give it to him, he took one glance at it, said to me “This is the same company you used before?” I said yes, he signed it right there and then commenting on how professional they were and said he wished everyone would be like that!!

Pars was my Site Manager and promptly on the scheduled day he was there at 9am with the crew to do the demolition. They completed it, cleaned up and took everything away. Because this is a condo there are rules designating times of work and Pars made sure that they never started before 9 and always ended by 5. My neighbours were most appreciative. They put up plastic “curtains” to keep dust out of rest of house during construction.

The job started near the end of February… and the pandemic happened! Thank God for Pars!! He went out and got all materials on site before the stores closed ( or we wouldn’t have had tiles and I don’t know what else!!) he made sure that only one trade was in sure at a time and that I was safe. (I had to be home during most of this time). Because of the pandemic there were a few short delays, but Pars always kept me informed. I also think that because Golden Bee and Pars have a good working relationship with the various trades, those people were more inclined to give my job some priority. All the tradespeople were polite, professional, friendly, and skilled. Pars supervised and checked the work at each stage. I think that one reason Golden Bee is such a good contractor is because they have a designated and dedicated Site Manager. Although he may he supervising more than one job he was always here to review the scope of work prior to starting, came back during and always near the end of the day to inspect and make sure site was left clean.

The final product is even more beautiful than pictures can show and, as important, it is functional. The vanity has amazing storage, the glass in tub is hinged to make it easy getting in and out (that was their suggestion) and Pars curved the top, so it is sleeker. I must mention the “towel bars”. When I said I wanted the deeper tub Jack immediately said I should have a safety bar to get in and out. I did not want “little old lady” bars!!! So, I went to the recommended store with the measurements I had agreed upon with Pars and chose two bars that look like towel bars. (I phoned and texted Pars from the store to make sure they were okay) Pars made sure there was reinforcement behind the tiles and installed them so they are the perfect height both outside the tub and inside for the shower. They look nice but they can be used for support.

So, I recommend Golden Bee to anyone who wants a quality renovation with no aggravation!! They always answer their phone – Jack, Pars, and the rest of the staff.

S. M. - 2020

When my family was considering doing renovations to our home, a friend recommended that we call Golden Bee Homes Inc, a professional Renomark Renovator.

Our original plan was to renovate our home, but after a few meetings with Jack, we ended up deciding to build a custom home instead.

Needless to say, this was a huge project that created some nervous excitement for us as a family. Soon after starting the process, the nervousness started to disappear.

Jack and his entire crew managed to make a large project like building a custom home enjoyable from beginning to end. They listened to all of our ideas and came up with a design that we could not imagine being any better. When our budget became stretched, they suggested smart ways for us to save money. When we changed our minds about several things once the drawings were finalized, they made the changes without issue. Not only that, since they were actually ahead of schedule, they were also able to complete our home within the promised 1-year time period.

Throughout the year of construction, we obviously had a lot of conversations with Jack and his crew. Regardless of how simple or how in depth the question was, everyone was eager to reply to our phone calls or emails with all the answers that were necessary to put our minds at ease Their knowledge, professionalism and emphasis on making sure that we were 100% happy with our project showed that building our home really was a true labour of love for Jack and his crew.

Golden Bee Homes has made a lasting impression on us and I would not hesitate to recommend them to everyone I know. Our new home is something that we are incredibly proud of and truly is a dream come true.


O. P. - 2019

To any potential customer of Golden Bee Homes,

My parents recently went through the process of downsizing from their large family house into a condo that was renovated and prepared by Jack from Golden Bee Homes. Moving from a house which was home for almost 40 years is always difficult thing to go through. The house is full of memories and the process can become very emotional and difficult to deal with.

The apartment was excellent. When I first entered, I thought “This is it!” I really wanted them to buy this place because it was really stunning. The attention to detail was phenomenal. Everything was of the utmost quality and this was clearly seen in many aspects. It was so good that my parents decided to put a down payment on before the house was even sold, because they didn’t want to lose the opportunity.

My parents purchased the apartment in September, but due to the amount of time it took to sell their house, they moved in late October of 2018. Helping my parents settle in, I called Jack a few times to ask some questions about various things. He was always obliging and was never too busy to help. He even provided me with floor plans and some photos of the apartment during renovation so I could see the way in which things were done.

Some small issues came up and Jack was always ready to come in and take care of things, fix things up, and make sure that my parents were completely satisfied. And all this over a month after the deal was done. That’s after sale service.

My parents have been living there now for over six months, and they both continuously say that they thank God for this apartment, and they continue to praise it’s quality. They are truly enjoying the place, and this makes me feel great as well.

Jack, keep making people happy with the services you provide. You’re not only renovating/building houses and apartments, but you’re creating homes for people, and making sure they’re happy, even months after purchase. I just wanted to say thanks Jack, God bless you richly, and I truly wish you success in all you do.

A satisfied son,


L. A. - 2019

Approximately 4.5 years ago Golden Bee did a partial Reno of my condo. Their work included new kitchen, bathroom, fireplace extra storage and more. Jack, Pars and the rest of the team were a pleasure to work with. I was going through a difficult period in my life and they made the process stress-free. Their work is excellent and done on time.

On Feb 22 this year I had a total hip replacement. Since I am alone I was sent to Providence for rehab. While there I was told that I must have bars in my shower. So there I am, lying in a hospital bed barely able to walk!! I didn’t hesitate- I texted Jack of Golden Bee and told him my situation. I didn’t want just anyone installing bars on the tile of my beautiful master shower. I offered to have someone buy the bars and be there for the install. Jack responded immediately. He said it would be better if they got the bars to make sure they were the best for me and that they would install them with me present to ensure the placement was correct. At that point I didn’t know when I’d be released. He said just to let him know the day and Pars would be there. So at 1 pm on the day of my release Pars arrived with tools and bars AND the most gorgeous floral arrangement from the staff at Golden Bee!!! He had chosen it to match the painting in my dining area. See what I mean when I say that Golden Bee goes the extra mile for their clients? Jack treats all of us as family. Golden Bee stands by not only their work but more importantly their clients. You can rely on them to be there for you.


S. M. - 2018

This letter is in support of Golden Bee Homes being awarded the Custom Builder and Renovator of the Year award. Why? Because without this company, I wouldn’t be able to say that I have moved into my dream home.

My story is one that stretched over months of searching for a home after having located from New Brunswick to Toronto, Ontario. My husband Albus and l toured many homes in many areas before driving by 41 Morewood in the Bayview and Sheppard area. I fell in love with this home right from the street — no other home that we had seen had such beautiful attention to detaii. From the matching limestone on top of every window, to the beautiful mahogany front and double garage doors, to the privacy trees they planted on the sides of the house… we knew we had to see the inside.

Inside, the home continued to amaze us. It felt like the builder had thought of everything. We loved the open plan made the home feel huge and bright, the unusual herringbone tiles in the hallway, the wainscoting, the crown molding, that beautiful kitchen, the bathrooms that feel like spas… the home had everything we could dream of, and more. Not to mention the things that he thought ofthat we couldn’t see …like the built-in ceiling speakers, the security system, the energy efficient lighting system and thermostat that we can control on our phone, the heated floors in the basement. In one word we knew that we were getting a quality workmanship with quality finishes.

Albus and I made an offer that night and were thriiled when we found out that the home was ours! We are so happy with our custom home and love showing it off when friends and family come in to visit from New Brunswick or other countries.

When the time came to move in, Jack and his team were there to help us, every step of the way. Every single time we called them, they came over to give us the Loyal treatment even on the weekend. We were experiencing a different level of service. Working with a professional Builder and Renomark Renovator is the right way to go.

Best wishes to Golden Bee Homes for their nomination as Custom Builder and Renovator of the Year!


C. T. - 2018

We have been using Golden Bee Homes as our contractor for both commerical and residential residential projects for many years. Jack. Pars and the crew having always been very professional courteous and provided excellent quality for the work done. They renovated and waterproofed the facade of one of our commercial properties in downtown Toronto and we haven’t had a problem since. They recently rebuilt the laundry area of our mother’s home after hanrgnold prpceiblem and also repthced the stone on her walkway and everything was perfectly done.

We would highly recommend Golden Bee Homes to anyone looking for high quality workmanship.


S. S. - 2018

Over the years we used Golden Bee Homes a (Renomark Member) and its services several times. Jack and his team are real professionals. They are always on time and on budget. Working with them is a big peace of mind to us, we don’t need to babysit anyone.

One of the most important details is that they provide everything in writing, an easy contract that we understand. They always mention the starting date and approximate finishing date, as well the payment schedule. This year we did our interlocking in our backyard, and it looks fabulous.

Last year we introduced Golden Bee Homes and its team to our Daughter and Son in law, and they made a fantastic job that lead them to win an award.

We will recommend anyone to work with Golden Bee Homes, as they will not be disappointed by the level of expertise and the attention to details. Please do not hesitate to call me, my home number is 905-8874771.


H. T. - 2018

My wife and I had Golden Bee Homes do some work at our residence and we were so happy with the overall experience that we decided to use Golden Bee again for our rental property at 18 Redwing Pl.

Initially we had talked to Jack about just sprucing up the main bathroom and the hardwood on the 2“d floor. As you can imagine, once a job starts going one thing leads to another and another.

With Jack’s expert advice and Pars’s exceptional attention to detail, we took the job upward to include redoing all the hardwood throughout as well as remodeling the powder room. Even though we weren’t thinking about it, once Pars explained the monetary benefit of upgrading our windows, we did that too.

Yes, we went above and beyond our initial project but the end result is that we don’t have to worry about upgrades for a long time and with better insulation the reduced energy consumption will help with offsetting the expenditure.

Once again, even though I’ve said it verbally to J ack and Pars, thank you for your advise and talents.


A. K. - 2018

This Letter of Recommendation is for Jack and Golden Been Homes Team. I am happy to say that we have used Golden Bee Homes as our professional Renomark Renovator for large and small home renovations and repairs over the years. This year we hired them for fixing the leak in our basements well as a couple of plumbing issues in our home.

Jack and his team are honest and their work is the best quality. They are respectful of time, were punctual and completed the job in a timely fashion.

Without any hesitation, I have referred this company on several occasions to friends and family members. I wish them continued and well deserved success. We are proud of his achievements and we look forward to working with Jack and his team again.


W. P. - 2018

We recently contracted Golden Bee Homes to do a basement renovation which included installing a new bathroom. Once we signed the contract with Jack Torossian, the owner of Golden Bee Homes, Jack had activities started within days to prepare for the renovation. Site supervisor Pars did an excellentjob of coordinating the many sub-contractors to ensure that the project kept on schedule. When an issue with water came up in the basement, Pars immediately arranged for it to be attended to. When painting got delayed because a painter had to leave for family issues, Pars arranged for additional painters to come in to keep the project on track. As a result, our renovation project was completed on schedule which is something you don’t hear very often with home renovations.

Jack and Pars were always quick to respond to any questions we had during the renovation. Pars also provided helpful suggestions along the way for some of the decisions we needed to make. The sub—contractors showed up when expected and completed their work in a professional manner. ‘ We are very happy with the completed basement renovation, the quality of work and the attention to detail. We would definitely recommend Golden Bee Homes for any home renovations you are considering.


L. J. - 2018

It took us a couple of months to find the perfect house to call home, after visiting many potential houses with our realtor we found our home. It was one of these moments when you know that this will be HOME. We moved in the end of 2016 with our one year old boy, couple of weeks later we get a surprise visit from the contractor who built our beautiful home. Our house was a new built executed by Golden Bee Homes; the visitor was Jack who is the owner of Golden bee homes.

We have known Jack and his team for two years now, they are a rare type of people which have a lot of pride in their work and are always eager to make your stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. We moved form a condo where we didn’t need to worry about many things since everything is taken care of by the building’s management. Without Jack and his team’s help our stay in our home would have been a lot difficult since we don’t know anyone to ask about advice concerning home related Issues.

After the move we needed some help in some minor issues, Golden Bee Homes’ crew was always ready to come and fix any problem in a very timely and professional manner. We had an issue with one of the windows not opening properly, we contacted Jack for help. He was very persistent with the window installer to get them to come and fix the problem even though they were always delaying. Jack dealt with the issue as if he is fixing a window in his own home not a clients’ house, that’s the level of dedication and pride they have in their job. Asl mentioned earlier it is not often that you meet such people who always try their best to make your stay in your new home as relaxing as possible.

We were really lucky to have bought this house which we love everything about, excellent layout, smart design high quality execution and finishing. Golden Bee Homes also have an impressive attention to details, since I took a tour with Jack around the house and he told me how everything was designed with the house residents in mind. In our family room there is a fireplace with a mantle designed to place a TV on top, they incorporated a feedthrough in the wall so that all the cables are hidden and the whole entertainment setup looks clean and clutter free. They could have easily overlooked this but instead they took the time to do this intelligent design. A lot of other similar examples we noticed in the house later on.

Moving from a condo to a house was a major move for us; it is a very interesting experience that a family goes through so it is important that it is as much stress free as possible. Jack and his team offered tremendous help and support in addressing all our worries, and we definitely recommend anyone in a heartbeat to purchase one of their houses or get them to do any renovations/upgrades needed for their current home. They have an amazing attitude, professional grade work, great job ethics and exceptional after sale support.


F. F. - 2018

Dear Jack,

This is a little note to recognize your huge efforts. As a company, you are to be commended on your punctuality, honesty, and precise measures. You are always true to your word and fast to send your sub- contractors to accomplish what you set out to do.

lam extremely happy and satisfied to use a Renomark renovator and would like to thankjack and his team to take care of my Fence as well the roof work of my house.

We will recommend highly your services to anyone, and it is really unfortunate that I am selling my home and moving to a condo.


D. H. - 2018

Our business relationship goes back to 2007, when you approached me with your desire to establish an ethical business relationship that would be beneficial for us both. I can honestly say that it certainly has been beneficial for me to be able to call on you for advise and expertise when my buyers and sellers needed your advise. You have always been able to provide us with excellent diagnosis of problems and you have always been able to find the appropriate solutions. My clients were always impressed by your honesty and that you tried to find cost effective solutions to their problems. I have always appreciated the many opportunities to refer my clients to you, with my complete confidence that they would be totally satisfied with the quality of workmanship and at a fair price. The satisfaction of my clients adds further to my own good reputation I have treasured since 1967. I have been active in sales and appraisals of residential real estate in Toronto since 1967 and I have sold 467 homes in Bayview Village, as of today. As a Life Time member in “The National Chairman’s Club” the highest award of Royal LePage I am committed to provide the highest standard of service excellence.

Since our first meeting in 2007 I have been able to depend on your honest and reliable service to me and to my clients. This history of reliability made it easy for me to entrust you with the management of the construction of my new 4,000 SF custom home. It was important for me to only be involved in the important major decisions. You have delivered what you promised. We have worked well together with your architect to produce plans for a home that would satisfy my demanding sense of style and practical saleability. Considering my landscaping background, it was important to me that it is well suited for the contour of our lot. I was happy that it was important to you to maximise my investment. Your keen understanding on where to spend my money wisely and where to cut back was most appreciated. Your designer and your trades are first class. Your dedication to your clients and your pursuit of excellence was again confirmed by a job well done at 41 Morewood Crescent.


JOHN G. - 2017

We met Mr. Jack Torossian, the owner of Golden Bee Homes, at the Exibition Renomark desk in 2016.

We were planning to renovate our kitchen for a few years. Upon meeting Jack we knew that he and his team would be the best fit for this job. He gladly visited our home and in detail discussed the project ahead, which began August 2017.

Jack was able to grasp a sense of our image for the new kitchen, and was very helpful in guiding us with his suggestions and knowledge. His gifted vision not only brought about a beautiful kitchen, but also some changes to the entrance of our home with consideration of the budget. The completion of these projects gave our home a tremendous facelift transforming it into a beautiful and functional area.

The Golden Bee Homes team was always ready to listen, explain and put us at ease when a few unexpected changes arose along the way. They worked in a timely and clean manner with respect to all areas of our home. Their level of professionalism and commitment to their work was remarkable.

We are very happy with our decision of using Golden Bee Homes to bring our image to life. We are very grateful and cannot emphasize what great work they have done. With this positive journey we recommend Golden Bee Homes to everyone planning a renovation.



From the moment we stepped into our new home we loved it. The house is perfect for our family not only because of the genius design but also because of the impeccable attention to detail and finishing. It is clear that Golden Bee Homes put a lot of time, love and effort to make sure they build not just a practical house but also a beautiful home. Jack and his team were a pleasure to deal with and were always very helpful and responsive to our questions and concerns. As first time house owners we were very concerned about the potential issues that can come up with home ownership. However, having lived in our home for almost 5 months now and seeing the quality of the craftsmanship of Jack and his crew, we now know that we can live a long and happy life in our new house with little to no surprises. We were lucky to find such a beautiful house that we call home. We hope that everyone can have the pleasure (and luck) of living in a place built by Golden Bee Homes.


It is our pleasure to take this opportunity to thank you and your crew for the superb renovations of our newly acquired condominium.

After having resided in our large Bayview Village house for over forty years, we were very apprehensive about all the decisions/choices that needed to be addressed as we downsized from a large family home.

Our newly anticipated “home” was not only substantially smaller but presented numerous challenges because of the original structural design.

The task was formidable. The unit was very angular and seemed to be “confrontational” to applying the customary rule of thumb to installing a new kitchen, bathroom, etc.

As it turned out, there was no need for us to be overwhelmed with the challenges we faced. Jack Torossian (Golden Bee Homes), Pars (site supervisor), Apic,(kitchen/bathroom cabinet maker) were able to deal with the “unusual” and helped us find solutions.

The Golden Bee staff was always most polite. All their construction debris at the end of the day was removed and tidied up according to the approval and expectations of the Condo Board.

We found everyone at Golden Bee Homes to be most readably accessible and quick to respond through text, email or cell phone to any questions or concerns we had throughout the project.

Our sincere thanks to everyone at Golden Bee Homes involved in our rather confrontational project!



To Whom It May Concern:

We are happy to be able to provide this letter of recommendation for Jack Torossian of Golden Bee Homes and his supporting cast of workers, subcontractors and suppliers.

Earlier this year we noticed that the heated floor in our basement washroom was no longer working. The heated floor had been installed nearly 3 years earlier during a major renovation of our basement by Golden Bee Homes. When we contacted Jack about it, he was anxious to make things right and get the system functioning normally again, at no extra cost to us, even though the expiry date for parts and service had expired.

The original electrician was called back to diagnose the problem, and he subsequently brought in the manufacturer’s representative to help analyze the situation. Working together, they determined that the source of the problem was an extremely unusual and unexpected failure of the electrical wiring component under the tile. They also devised a plan to put certain special safeguards in place when the new replacement component was being installed.

Reinstallation of the electrical component needed to be coordinated with several other activities. The tile setter was called in to remove a certain portion of the tiles, along with the wiring underneath, and to do the necessary prep work. As well, new matching tiles needed to be ordered and delivered. (Happily, the very same high-quality tiles were still available from the tile supplier.) Once the new electrical component was in place, the tile setter returned on consecutive days to add a layer of concrete, to install the new tiles and to do the grouting.

Finally, the transition strip between the bathroom tile and the laminate flooring in the adjacent hallway needed to be replaced. When it was learned that the exact piece was no longer available from the manufacturer, Jack’s foreman Pars proceeded to create a first-rate copy of the strip himself.

Jack made good on his promise to make things right. We were very pleased by the result. And we are extremely happy we had used the professional services of this outstanding RenoMark™ renovator.

Sincerely yours, Vahan & Dikranuhi



To whom it may concern:

I recently purchased a 50-year old bungalow, and while it was in reasonable condition, I wanted to do some renovations to bring it more up-to-date. I understood the importance of dealing with a qualified and reputable renovator to do the work. I already knew of the existence of Renomark as an organization to help consumers find and hire reputable contractors and trades people. I researched and read the reviews of quite a few renovators listed as members of Renomark. I decided to deal with Golden Bee Homes because of the many positive reviews from home owners. My renovation project included a new kitchen, main floor bathroom, flooring, painting and electrical work. Jack and Pars of Golden Bee Homes were extremely helpful in providing advice and recommendations regarding materials, products and design ideas. I was very satisfied how the project progressed from demolition to finished product in a timely manner. I am very happy with the overall workmanship. Jack and Pars were always prompt to address my concerns and questions relating to the project. I always felt that Jack and Pars were truly concerned about doing a quality job and of my complete satisfaction with their work. I feel I made the right decision to hire Golden Bee Homes and I would not hesitate to use this company again for future renovations.


FRANK - 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

After meeting with three different contractors, in March of this year I contracted with Golden Bee Homes Inc. to perform renovations to the second floor of my house. The renovations involved replacing old lathe and plaster in rooms with new drywall, painting, upgrading wiring and insulation, laying new floors and removing a structural wall to create one large room out of two.

My decision to work with Golden Bee rather than the two other contractors was based on several things. First, the principal of Golden Bee, Jack Torossian, struck me as very knowledgeable. After meeting with him and discussing the project I felt confident in his abilities and appreciated his suggestions. Second, his estimate was detailed enough that I could clearly see that he had listened to what I wanted and incorporated that into his costs. Third was the cost itself. Jack’s estimate, while not the lowest of the three, was very much in line with the other two I received. Finally, I had a deadline as to when the work had to be done and Jack assured me he was able to meet that deadline.

As the work progressed we encountered a number of unexpected events arising from work done by my prior contractor, all of which resulted in unplanned delays. Nevertheless, steps were taken by Jack to deal with these problems and even with the delays, Golden Bee was still able to meet my schedule. Problems were solved, the work progressed and all was done according to building codes and with the proper permits. The crews were polite and did their best to keep my house as clean as possible. Site supervision was done on a regular basis by Pars Margarosyan and, unless work had to stop to await permits or inspections, the crews were there everyday working. I asked for and received a weekly schedule and the tasks were completed according to schedule. When issues arose, and to be honest there were one or two, they were dealt with and resolved to my satisfaction.

To summarize, I was very pleased with the work done and the timeliness in completing the job. I have confidence in the abilities of Golden Bee and would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to others.


MAUREE - 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

When Golden Bee Homes initially arrived for my renovation consultation, my kitchen and powder room were well over 35 years old. They gutted and re-designed the entire area, creating a beautiful, much larger kitchen, a pantry area, and powder room, as well as removing and installing new wooden floors throughout the house. This work was always done with my ideas and needs in mind, and I was consulted throughout each step of the lengthy renovation.

The workmanship displayed was always very professional. They provided top-notch service, were always on time, and left their work area clean at the end of each day. Any issues that arose along the way were promptly taken care of. “We will take care of it” was their motto.

It was a pleasure to deal with all of the tradesmen. Pars, the project manager, was regularly on site making sure things were being done properly, and “on code”. Jack, the contractor, went above and beyond what I expected a contractor’s responsibilities to be, even going to such lengths as taking me to differing retailers himself in order to see products first hand, and discuss options for the renovation. I am very grateful to have chosen Golden Bee Homes, a licensed Renomark renovator, to complete this outstanding renovation, and wish that I had found them earlier. I would not hesitate to refer Golden Bee Homes to anyone needing work done on their home.




HURRIE - 2016

To whom it may concern,

I met Jack Torossian, from Golden Bee Homes, about a year and a half ago when I was looking for someone to build me a custom home in East York. I was simply trying to invest in Real Estate to take advanatge of the current markert conditions. After interviewing several contractors, I felt confident that Jack, being a “Renomark” member, was the right person to work with. Throughout the entire process, he was honest, hardworking and always maintained his proposed schedule. Jack always communicated with me and replied to all my e-mails and phone calls in a timely manner. Most suprisingly, he completed high quality work for a lower cost than what we had budgeted for, which is unheard of. Jack worked extremely well with the neighbors and we had a great relationship with them throughout the project because Jack made the effort to include and accommodate them in our decisions. The whole building process was really smooth and without any problems. Whatever Jack promises to do, he absolutely delivers. I strongly encourage anyone looking for a custom build or renovation to work with the team at Golden Bee Homes. We are already planning our next project with them.




HAGOP - 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

As first time home buyers and renovation newbies we had no idea what we were actually getting ourselves into or what to expect. We of course had many hesitations about taking on a project of this scale. As a result,we interviewed several contractors and my husband and I agreed that Jack, owner of Golden Bee Homes,was the right contractor for the project and us.

From our initial meeting with Jack we could tell that we were in good hands as he was extremely knowledgeable, professional, reliable, respectful and kind.

Like most home renovations we ran into our fair share of problems (structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, to name a few) and during these stressful times Jack was honest, ensured we were up to speed on any new developments and explained choices we had. As our renovation took on a life of it’s own, we knew we could rely on Jack and his team to follow through on the project in a professional and timely manner.

Not only was Jack absolutely wonderful to work with, he employs a more than capable team at Golden Bee Homes. All of who are equally as professional, reliable and honest. Furthermore, the tradesman that Jack hired to work on our home all did great work and we were very happy with the outcome.

All in all, we were thrilled with the end result. As a couple going through a renovation for the first time I can not stress enough just how great our experience was with Jack and his team. We are so happy that we hired a professionally certified contractor and Reno Mark member. We will definitely hire Golden Bee Homes again for our next project!



To whom it may Concern:

My sister and I own a property in one of the busiest streets in downtown Toronto, right on the intersection of Queen and Duncan.

We wanted to renovate the facade of our building, as after so many years the structure started deteriorating, and safety was becoming a big concern. So we needed a professional renovator to whom we could trust and rely on as the building is affected by the historical act of Toronto.

After interviewing Jack, we were happy with his amount of knowledge on how to start our project, from permit, to street occupancy and covering the city’s electrical cables for safety. So we knew that Golden Bee Homes Inc. was the right fit, and being a Renomark member was the icing on the cake.

Jack kept us informed on every stage of the project, and as the work was on scaffold, he sent us photos to let us know what was going on and how his crew was fixing all these cracks which some of them came to 5 inches wide. With his trained crew, we were really relaxed and enjoyed the progress of the work.

We were very pleased with the outcome, the site supervisors Pars and Daron were very courteous to our Tenants, informing them about the noises and when to close or open up the windows during the hot summer construction period.

Regardless jack encountered extras, he didn’t charge us for those expenses, it was really nice to deal with the calibre and honesty of this Renovator.

We will recommend Golden Bee Homes and his team to anyone who is looking for any project and needs it done on time and on budget.

Thank you,



STUART - 2015

Dear Sir:

I am writing this to thank you for an impeccable bathroom remodeling/renovation service you have provided. Firstly, I must commend you for your organizational ability to commence work on time and complete on time but more importantly I want to praise the attitude of Mr. Pars Margarosyan, the project coordinator, who has handled the reconstruction of this project with such care that our daily routine life in the house was almost not affected. Wish you well.




ZAVEN - 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

It is our pleasure to provide this letter of reference for Golden Bee Homes Inc. Golden Bee Homes has recently completed the renovation of our kitchen, wall removal for open concept. The renovation turned out better than we hoped. We have been satisfied with everything you have done for us. Jack provided very fair price and clear explanation with regards to the extras in timely fashion, and was careful and perceptive in renovating according to the instructions of the contract documents. He always informed us well in advance of potential problems. During the course of the construction, the company demonstrated many outstanding qualities including: sensitivity to building code, adherence to safety rules, ability to manage required changes during the course of the work, excellence workmanship, and attention to detail. His subcontractors offered practical solutions when problem arose. I felt that they were efficiently coordinated and working together for the best result.

We were very impressed with the whole process of renovation. We could not have been more pleased not only with the result but also the way Jack and his company conducted the whole process.

Yours truly,



VANNA - 2015

To whom it may concern,

My husband and I have used Golden Bee Homes twice to solve problems in our home. The first time, we had a major water pipe leak which took considerable investigation to sort out. Jack was like a detective and once he figured out the problem he had it fixed in no time. The second time, we asked him to look at our front patio where puddles were forming. Again, we were very pleased with the quality and timeliness of the work. We would be pleased to recommend Golden Bee Homes to our friends and neighbours. Jack’s oversight of each project and his easy accessibility are most reassuring.



JOAN - 2015

When I decided to sell my house, there were some repairs that needed to be done, so that the house would show well. I was on a tight schedule, since the listing date was coming up.

Jack Torossian of Golden Bee Homes came over to give me a quote. Right away I was impressed with his knowledge and professionalism.


The work that needed to be done ranged from painting a room, fixing light fixtures, repairing a stamped concrete porch that had cracked and gutting a whole bathroom.

His crew came in on the first day and it felt like I was watching a home improvement TV show. Each one of them went straight to do their assigned job and completed their work in record time leaving everything spotless.

I was very pleased with the results, my house looked perfect and it sold very quickly!

I would use their services again without a doubt.

Sincerely yours,



MOIRA - 2015

Jack Torossian of Golden Bee Homes recently completed a complete renovation of our 3000 square apartment. We are very pleased with the work done by Jack and his crew. Our building is an older building without proper drawings. As a result, there were a number of “surprises”. Jack and his crew dealt with these challenges in a creative and inclusive manner. His crew were a pleasure to deal with and the quality of their work was excellent. We would certainly recommend Golden Bee.


Dear Jack,

I wanted to thank you and your team for escorting us through the House Renovation process. We entered this endeavor with great trepidation as neither of us had experience with planning and orchestrating renovations of this order of magnitude. Hiring your team was one of the best decisions made throughout the whole process.

Our decision to renovate the first level of a 3000 Sq. Ft home included:

Ceiling replacement in the dining, family and living rooms Pot light installation in the kitchen, dining, family, living rooms and in the office and Laundry rooms Crown Molding in the dining, family and living rooms and hall way Hardwood floors Installation in the dining, family and living rooms Porcelain floor installation in the hall, laundry room and kitchen areas Fireplace replacement Kitchen and Powder Room renovation Electrical wiring was brought up to code and papers were provided for insurance purposes Who ever thought that all this work could be completed in 8 weeks It had minimal impact to our daily family living and was a quality job from start to finish .

From the beginning/ we Sincerely appreciated your personal touch when meeting with us to ensure that you understood our requirements and more importantly retained that personal oversight throughout the journey to ensure that we were pleased with the results. Spending time with us to select our products was not expected however certainly appreciated. This moved the decisions along and gave us a higher confidence in the product suppliers.

Your business model integrity was fully represented through the detailed quote provided. We were clear from the beginning on the Coasts associated with this installation. Where we took decisions to expand the initial request (e.g. replace the fireplace), the timely quotes for this effort was also appreciated as it allowed us to monitor the budget and take decisions on value and affordability.

It was a very pleasant experience as a result of having a very proficient site supervisor on the ground that ensured that the work kept moving. The planning clearly enabled the various members of the team to continue with their efforts (electrical, installation, etc) within the planned timeline. It was also evident that this was a very experienced crew who knew their disciplines and had great respect for each other. Each of them took pride in their delivery and showed great attention and care to the customers’ needs.

We want to provide special thanks to Pars (Site Supervisor), Paul (Electrical), Louis (Tile and Fireplace) for their professional work and engagement with us. Superb! Please note that the whole team was great – would recommend anyone of them to others.

It is our pleasure to provide a referral of your services to others.


ANTHONY - 2014

To whom it may concern,

As an investor and an HVAC contractor, it was a challenge for me to find a reputable licensed renovator. I had interviewed many but when I met Jack Torossian from Golden Bee Homes Inc. I felt comfortable and confident right away. I appreciated his expertise and I knew that he was the right person to do the work in my home. Jack is very amicable, punctual and professional. His staff was well trained and very organized they kept my house clean at all times and everything was taken care of promptly.

The kitchen looks phenomenal, just the way we envisioned it would be. We are truly enjoying the transformation of the remodeled kitchen. I highly recommend Jack Torossian from Golden Bee Homes Inc. for all your renovation needs. Many thanks Jack for an amazing job and a magnificent end result.

I do not regret using a licensed renovator and a member of Renomark.

Sincerely Yours


B. DUFFY - 2013

To all home owners planning renovations,

My wife and I were introduced to Golden Bee when our best f riend decided to renovate their kitchen. We were impressed with the quality of work and respected timelines. As we were getting quotes to renovate our kitchen, we decided to expand our requirements to include a change of the whole 1st floor tiles, a redesign of the kitchen layout, a move an existing door from the kitchen to the dining room and a removal of an empty bulkhead. Most of the contractors either quoted one element or another or referred us to other contractors for the rest of the project. It was such a relief to have Golden Bee quote us on the whole project, including electrical, plumbing, tiling, dry walling and kitchen design. It saved us so much time from running to different contractors and gave us the “one-throat-to-choke” ability.

After many meetings to narrow down all the requirements and they were many, like in any household, Golden Bee presented us a detailed quote and timeline of G weeks. We accepted and work started. Although our living accommodations were disrupted, Golden Bee personnel made our frustration bearable. With no kitchen, no washroom and no laundry room,. there staggered their work in such a way that our day to day activities were minimally impacted.

I witnessed their work and can report truly on the superior quality of craftsmanship displayed. Every minute detail was considered, every step explained. As with any renovation, my wife and I needed many changes and they were handled patiently and professionally. The result was a superb kitchen design built and great tile arrangement that creates an atmosphere of beauty and class. And, due to some savings and discount that Golden Bee arranges with different suppliers, we were able to come slightly under budget. The whole project was completed in 4 weeks, from demolition of the initial kitchen, floor and bulkhead to delivering the final product.

I cannot stress enough the quality of work dropped on this project. Our family, friends and guests are enjoying their time in it. The fact that Golden Bee was a company that respected its word made the whole experience easier and stress free. I can recommend Golden Bee a 100% an honest, reputable and respectable company that cares about their customer and their satisfaction.

Thank you Golden Bee for a most comfortable environment.To all home owners planning renovations,

My wife and I were introduced to Golden Bee when our best f riend decided to renovate their kitchen. We were impressed with the quality of work and respected timelines. As we were getting quotes to renovate our kitchen, we decided to expand our requirements to include a change of the whole 1st floor tiles, a redesign of the kitchen layout, a move an existing door from the kitchen to the dining room and a removal of an empty bulkhead. Most of the contractors either quoted one element or another or referred us to other contractors for the rest of the project. It was such a relief to have Golden Bee quote us on the whole project, including electrical, plumbing, tiling, dry walling and kitchen design. It saved us so much time from running to different contractors and gave us the “one-throat-to-choke” ability.

After many meetings to narrow down all the requirements and they were many, like in any household, Golden Bee presented us a detailed quote and timeline of G weeks. We accepted and work started. Although our living accommodations were disrupted, Golden Bee personnel made our frustration bearable. With no kitchen, no washroom and no laundry room,. there staggered their work in such a way that our day to day activities were minimally impacted.

I witnessed their work and can report truly on the superior quality of craftsmanship displayed. Every minute detail was considered, every step explained. As with any renovation, my wife and I needed many changes and they were handled patiently and professionally. The result was a superb kitchen design built and great tile arrangement that creates an atmosphere of beauty and class. And, due to some savings and discount that Golden Bee arranges with different suppliers, we were able to come slightly under budget. The whole project was completed in 4 weeks, from demolition of the initial kitchen, floor and bulkhead to delivering the final product.

I cannot stress enough the quality of work dropped on this project. Our family, friends and guests are enjoying their time in it. The fact that Golden Bee was a company that respected its word made the whole experience easier and stress free. I can recommend Golden Bee a 100% an honest, reputable and respectable company that cares about their customer and their satisfaction.

Thank you Golden Bee for a most comfortable environment.


H & A - 2013

To Whom It May Concern

We are happy to be able to provide this letter of recommendation for Jack Torossian, his core team of workers at Golden Bee Homes and the various subcontractors he assigned to our home.

Simply put, we are absolutely delighted by the extraordinary results they achieved together in the renovation of our basement this summer. We are no less impressed by all the essential things they did along the way to achieve those results. Most notably, we are struck by the care and thoughtfulness and energy and professionalism and common sense and courtesy they showed throughout the project, in every aspect and at every step.

With Jack and his capable foreman Pars leading the way, the entire group was clearly intent on meeting our requirements with efficiency and skill, as well as taking pride in what they accomplished. There were a few unexpected challenges, but the response was calm and measured, and solutions were developed and applied.

We are especially appreciative of the project management expertise Jack and Pars brought to the effort, in terms of scheduling the work, coordinating the trades, and keeping the project on track.

We also want to acknowledge their insight and sensitivity in the realm of customer service and communication. They made it a priority to keep the information flowing back and forth, to make sure we understood what was happening at each step, and to offer many practical suggestions and recommendations. They also tried their best to minimize the impact of the renovation on our home life.

All in all, we are deeply impressed by the quality of the results that were achieved in this project and by the ability, dedication and character of everyone who had a hand in bringing those results to life.


V. & D - 2013

Dear Jack

I wish to advise you of the exceptional service we received from you and your team regarding my sunroom. Upon thorough research in looking for a trusted contractor, I decided to go with your company due to your various associations most importantly, the Ontario Home Builders Association , as well as the incredible testimonials I read from previous clients.

Unfortunately I have had the misfortune of dealing with contractors previously who have cost me twice as much in repairs due to their lack of experience … and I was not about to have that happen again. I am therefore very pleased to write you this letter and advise you that it was a pleasure to deal with you and your team.

Even though it was very upsetting to see and be advised that the condition of the wood was worse than expected when the aluminum was removed, your team was extremely informative and honest with what was required to the job done properly. They took their time to assess and explain the situation and furthermore contacted a profession who is knowledgeable about our specific issue and who arrived within the same day to ensure the job did not get delayed . Based on all this effort and information we were able to make an informed and confident decision regarding our next steps and therefore the full job was completed as scheduled with no issues or concerns.

Thank you once again for your professionalism and extensive information that you so freely provided, it was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and your team. The excellent customer service and workmanship, gives me the comfort and confidence in recommending your company to family, friends and colleagues alike.



Dear Jack

We would like to express our appreciation to you and Golden Bee for the wonderful renovation to our condo. The finished product exceeded our expectations. We wanted, especially, to thank your key employees on our project, who are excellent professionals and great individuals to work with.

We know that you faced a number of difficult design challenges due to the nature and age of our building, but you were able to resolve them all satisfactorily. This is in part due to the excellent working relationship you, and your crew, developed with the building management.

Your personal involvement all stages of the work was key to its success. You have good conceptual skills, a good eye for design, and were a very good sounding board regarding the choice of materials.

We feel very comfortable recommending Golden Bee to any new prospective customers. Please feel free to use us as a reference.


H. & S. ROY – TORONTO - 2013

Jack just a note to thank you for the prompt and expert service this week. Not a lot people have such high standards when it comes to customer service- you do. Nice to know there are people out there that you can trust and rely upon. Again THANK YOU.



C. JACOBS - 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

We purchased our house completely renovated from a fixer upper In Bay view Village, and from day one we were having plumbing problems in our basement.

We had one contractor in, who said that we had roots in our sewer system, and we had to break all the flooring and the concrete to fix the problem. We were really disappointed, but we wanted to get another thought, that is when we saw Golden Bee Homes Inc. in the Toronto Star Newspaper because they had won an award from BILD beginning of this year. We decided to ca ll them because they were fully-licensed and members of Renomark.

Jack’s approach was really professional and after investigating he was 100% sure that it was not a root issue as the closest tree was 100 feet away but rather a plumbing issue in the basement washroom.

So we wanted to hire him, and we were extremely surprised at the level of service and expertise from all their workers. They knocked down the bathroom and fixed the underground plumbing pipes and put the stuff back without wasting the previous materials.

I would certainly call them again and recommend them-to anyone in need of an honest and professional contractor.




It is with great pleasure that we write a letter of recommendation for Jack Tarossian of Golden Bee Homes who recently completed an extensive renovation of our master and guest bathrooms. An extensive renovation which included all flooring, moldings, electrical, fixtures and paint.

After interviewing several contractors for our renovation and generally being somewhat disappointed with their interest in our project, we came across Jack and Golden Bee. To our delight, his interest and attention to detail in our subsequent conversations is what made us choose Golden Bee.

We tested Jacks flexibility many times with extra projects that we wanted done and Jack and his team came through for us. They were very professional in all aspects of the job, and his followup service has been excellent! He took full responsibility for the ,vork done by all of his trades, and worked on our behalf to ensure that the minor deficiencies were cleared in short order. It was a pleasure working with Jack, and we would highly recommend Golden Bee Homes to anyone considering a home improvement project.


TOM & HEATHER M. - 2013

Dear Jack,

My wife and I had been discussing renovating our home (circa 1911) for us and our newborn daughter but had no idea where to start and what kind of work to do – we were overwhelmed with the amount of work that needed to be done and we were feeling a little lost.

We were also very skeptical about hiring a contractor for our home based on a previous bad experience we had with the company that renovated our basement in 2011. I recalled my experience with Golden Bee during the renovation and build-out of my warehouse and I figured I would give you a call to ask some questions about my house. Over the course of a few months as we spoke more and more often, I was surprised and pleased to learn that your main area of expertise is homes, older homes to be exact. It seemed like such a natural fit to get you over for a first-hand look at what we were up against and we are so happy that we did.

You arranged time to suit my schedule for consultations, waiting until after our daughter was sleeping, with meetings often running later into the evening until we were all rubbing our eyes from tiredness. After much discussion, we decided to do our main floor and kitchen – we felt this floor needed the most work and would benefit from a complete renovation.

Once we settled on the scope of work, you prepared a quote much quicker than we expected, and before we knew it we were signed and scheduled for demolition. You and your team work careful and quick, with trades scheduled “like a Swiss watch” – each one coming in at the exact time the other is finishing. It was a treat to watch the great workmanship, but also to see the care that Pars, Thomas and all of your trades took as they transformed our gloomy main floor into the bright and inviting living space that it is now.

There were problems – lots of problems, the kind that go hand in hand with a 100 yr. old house, but you and your team were always able to find creative and cost effective solutions to give us exactly the design that we were looking for. Every time I would call you or Pars to check or remind you of a detail, or tell you something I just remembered, you were always at least 1 step ahead of me.

We are happy to be in our home for the first time in a long time…My only regret is not discovering Golden Bee sooner.

Thanks for everything Jack! Next time we plan more work we will definitely be calling on you once again.



N. MUC – TORONTO - 2013

Dear Jack,

We are happy to provide this letter of referral regarding the recent renovation of our basement by Golden Bee Homes. We are very pleased with the final product – yoUI’ work was very high quality and the basement looks great. Equally impressive was the professionalism with which the project was managed. Communication was clear, a schedule was provided and followed, and changes to OUl’ initial plans were adopted with flexibility. We certainly appreciated that a neat job site was maintained. In particular we’d like to highlight the work of Pars Margarossian, who was our point of contact for day to day decision making and progress reports. He ensured we were consulted and updated regularly, and received our input tlwough the entire span of the project. Golden Bee did a wonderful on our renovation project, and we recommend you to other home owners unreservedly.

Best regards


C. & A. DERKSEN – TORONTO - 2014

To whom it may concern

Re: Recommendation Letter for Golden Bee Homes and his team We recently bought a house that needed work done in the main bathroom and master en suite, to bring it to our lifestyle and way of living. We knew all the associated problems before buying the house, as we had this experience before. So we were determined to find a good reputable and experienced contractor to take over and get started.

So we met Jack of Golden Bee Homes through a mutual friend, that introduced us, and after some questions and answers we felt confident that by far Golden Bee Homes was the most knowledgeable of all we’ve used before. From the start Jack showed his ability to solve the problems, by concentrating on the issues and the details that we were asking from him. He was never late on appointments neither his sub trades, we were always in good communication.

All his sub trades were courteous, they were keeping the site clean at all time. The most important of all is that, everyone works as if he is working in his own home, which makes you feel that you are in good hands.

The quality of work speaks for itself, and the advise’s were valuable which made our job a lot easier. In one word satisfaction is guaranteed by working with Golden Bee Homes Inc.

We would like to thank Pars, who coordinated all the sub trades, as we ended up changing all our HVAC system, main entrance floor tiles and some other minor details.

We highly recommend Jack and his team of Golden Bee Homes Inc. for all your projects, and you will never be disappointed.



R. & M. MISKCIYAN - 2013

Dear Jack,

Thank: you very much for coming to our rescue. Your. calm, careful assessment of our water problem gave me confidence that it would be solved. It took three trips to our home and a lot of detective work but you found the source of the problem and then gave us good advice as to what needed to be done.

The two gentlemen you sent to complete the work did an excellent job. Not only did they work very efficiently, they were extremely careful about keeping the work area neat and tidy.

My husband and I would be delighted to give you a positive reference at any time.

Thank you again.


J. KING – TORONTO - 2013

To Whom It May Concern

Recommendation Letter for Golden Bee Homes

We are pleased to offer a strong recommendation and endorsement for Golden Bee Homes without reservation.

As veterans of the Leslieville renovation scene, we’ve retained 3 separate contractors to conduct renovations on our home since 2007. Without question, Golden Bee Homes has been the very best of them, and the only one we’d retain again for upcoming work without hesitation.

From the very beginning, every aspect of the renovation process has been a pleasure with Golden Bee Homes. To be specific:

the costing and quoting process was transparent, thorough, efficient, reasonable, and communicated with clarity and goodwill Jack and all his people have been professional, skilled, capable, and imaginative with solutions to our challenges Jack and all his people have also been charming, considerate, thoughtful, and personally engaging, and they’ve been a pleasure to have in our home communication on every aspect of the project has been excellent the entire Golden Bee Homes team has been very respectful of our time, with an excellent track-record for coming on-time to meetings and, on the very rare occasions when they were delayed, being very proactive in advising us of this beforehand so we could adjust our lives accordingly the quality of the work itself has been superlative, from advice on how to proceed with specific issues to the choice of materials and quality grades, to the eye for detail on finishing and cleaning timing of the overall project was exactly as agreed, with no major delays Golden Bee Homes have provided several above-and-beyond human touches (welcome-back flowers after a vacation; a Christmas basket) to great effect Our confidence in Golden Bee Homes is absolute, and there are no aspects of the entire renovation process that wouldn’t hesitate to place immediately into their capable hands.

We look forward to a long, ongoing relationship with them.



C. & A. LEECH – TORONTO - 2013

Jack, all of your guys worked really hard today to put everything together. Pars and Tomas put in a full day and Paul worked most of the day with them. I’m not diminishing the contributions of the plumber and the HV AC/gas fitter because it couldn’t get finished without them. It is the mark of a good leader that can inspire a team to reach a goal. That you were able to do it on the last Saturday before Christmas speaks highly of you, your organization and your relationship with all of the trades. Even the promise of overtime pay is not always sufficient enticement when families have plans.

The kitchen is really beautiful- much better than I imagined. I think I’m living in a magazine. I don’t think I’ve been this excited since I was a kid. Now I feel like I’ve already had Christmas- the anticipation just kept building all week and especially all day today. It was such a pleasure to have Bill come downstairs at 5:30 to see what they had accomplished.

Thank you for understanding that the timeline was very important to us. You promised us care and attention to detail and you really delivered a great result. We really appreciate al~ of your efforts and wish you, your staff and all of your families a wonderful holiday season – no matter how you celebrate it -and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2013.


JUDY V. - 2012

It is without hesitation that I would recommend Jack Torossian and Golden Bee Homes. We have just recently had a new roof and 8 skylights installed. The project was done on time, on budget and supervised by Jack. Jack was on site daily to ensure that everything was done to our satisfaction. The new roof and skylights look great!

We have had the pleasure of working with Jack and Golden Bee Homes in the past. Golden Bee is a licensed contractor of Renomark that was able to design and complete a renovation to the back of our house that required the replacement of major structural beams, expansion of the family room, as well as the design and installation of a new kitchen. This was a major renovation that was made so much easier with Jack at the helm, communicating daily, maintaining the deadlines of predicted finishing dates as well as providing exceptional workmanship.

It is always a pleasure to work with Jack. His warm and friendly manor and positive spirit make you feel that nothing is a problem. He has an amazing team of people that work with him and they are all happy to be part of his team. The work that is done is second to none. If considering a renovation, choosing Golden Bee Homes will make any renovation a superb one.



We love our new basement!!! THANK YOU for the terrific job. We would hire you back anytime for any renovation in our house.

Your team and you were terrific to work with. You guys made the renovation experience enjoyable in every respect: – your staff were friendly and professional – the workmanship and attention to detail was phenomenal – the commitment to completing the renovation on time and on budget was great

Golden Bee Homes exceeded our expectations in the renovation of our basement. We would highly recommend you to all of our friends and family.

Thank you,



I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the excellent work and workmanship that you provided to us in the renovation of our main washroom and our powder room.

You were always timely and very attentive to the job that we contracted you for.

All of your workmen were outstanding, careful and showed genuine concern for the work they were doing. elpful and your suggestions to us and your experience were outstanding. You attended with my wife to personally help her in the choices of lighting, fixtures and an array of other advice too numerous to outline here.

You have my gratitude for making the jo Your personal involvement was very hb as pain free as possible. My wife and I would highly recommend you to anyone- in-the future if they wish to contact us:



This letter is to inform you and to express my extreme satisfaction for the wonderful job you did in the basement office of my house.

The solutions brought through your expertise to solve all existing repair and renovation problems were thoroughly appreciated.

Your company well deserves the meaning of its logo ” Golden Bee “. As much like building a hive requires synchronized, organized and wonderful harmony, the same is reflected in your team.

I would definitely, without hesitation, recommend Golden Bee Homes to all those who are in need of all kinds of building renovation projects.


JOHN - 2012

I debated for many months and interviewed many contractors to renovate our 4 full bathrooms. I remember being impressed with your knowledge and honesty about our renovations. At every step you and your staff were very accommodating to our needs. You could grasp the vision for our “new look” and gave expert advice and recommendations. Your experience and know how not only prevented possible errors but took us to the next level with our vision.

Your team was punctual, professional and attentive to any concerns. My husband and I were very impressed with your ability to address any questions we had immediately and you promptly dealt with any issues. But what impressed us the most was the fact that you were on site regularly and we could tell you took great interest in the project and cared about our happiness with your work. A rare and significant quality which lends itself to great workmanship.

We were so happy with this project that we asked you and your group to also complete another job at our business where again, the results were very good. A new waiting room and office were created in just a few days with no apparent issues.

Thank you very much indeed Jack!


M. M. TORONTO - 2012

A couple of Month Ago, my wife and I decided to put our house for sale. On the suggestion of our broker, we needed to employ a contractor to fix the crack on the front exterior wall, and he recommended Jack Torossian From Golden Bee Homes Inc. After meeting with Jack, we felt comfortable, as he was knowledgeable and detail oriented on the specific work we had, and we decided to hire him to do the work. As it turned out, the work was more complicated and difficult than we first anticipated. Consequently it also required more time.

On completion of the project, we were fully satisfied with Jack’s work and we wish to point out the following aspects which we were particularly impressed.

A- Jack submitted a detailed quotation for the work involved, and he stood by it, even though there were changes necessary as the work progressed.

B- Jack did not cut corners in his work. He did exactly what he quoted.

C- Although the work was slightly delayed (caused by changes to the work and inclement weather) jack did his best in catching up and achieved a satisfactory completion date.

In short, we wish to state that we would not hesitate to recommend Golden Bee Homes Inc, for any construction/renovation work.



We recently had our washrooms renovated by Golden Bee Homes. We have no hesitation in recommending them to our friends and family. Their work was first rate and very professional.

They were careful to keep our house clean at all times and they cleaned up after their work every day. When we made changes to our plans they were very flexible and reasonable.

Jack was very attentive to the project and showed up almost daily. We love the end result and plan to use Golden Bee Homes again for any future projects.


S.P., TORONTO - 2011

“His technical knowledge is immense and his customer service skills are outstanding. He is very detail oriented and always took the time to answer any questions we may have had. He has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. He has excellent judgment and a mature outlook and takes all necessary steps to ensure a logical and practical approach to his endeavors. The work was exceptional and we are happy with the look and functionality of our new bathroom and continue to use it with no problems. We would absolutely consult Golden Bee Homes Inc. again on any future work and would look forward to working with him again. …”


“It has been a distinct pleasure to work with such a professional, ethical and goal-oriented individual. I strongly recommend him and do not hesitate to work with him again on any future project. I am very pleased with the result and enjoy my basement every single day without any problems. …”


January, 2011

Recently I renovated my kitchen. To me it was a big project with lots of decisions making and problem solving demands, therefore I kept postponing it for a long time. Well, it was true until I heard about Jack and his “Golden Bee Homes” company, whom I asked to undertake the renovation.

It was a decision that I would never regret. Jack and his crew have taken care of every detail leaving no room for me to worry about anything. Thanks to Jack I knew exactly what to expect at the end of each day and at the end of the very day the expectations were there to be enjoyed. Jack came up with lots of valuable suggestions and made my decision making extremely easy. I learned a lot from him during the renovation. Among other things after hearing his favorite “Don’t worry, everything is possible and can be done” I learned to stay behind the scene and merely enjoy the results. It was extremely nice and pleasant working with Jack and his knowledgeable, cooperative crew.

They enlivened my project and the only regret I have this far is for not doing this earlier, because my kitchen looks fantastic thanks to “Golden Bee Home”. I probably will have some more future projects and I will never hesitate to do more work with him, because now I know what to expect to see. I would highly recommend Jack to anyone looking for assistance in their renovations. Sincerely, A.C., Scarborough

November 12. 2010 I would like gladly recommend Golden Bee Homes Inc., to anyone looking to renovate- whether a large or small project! Jack was very professional, punctual and meticulous. His crew was polite, did the work on time and kept the place orderly. The main floor of my “new house” is spacious, after removing several walls and making new openings on others, it looks lovely and modern My 40 year old home has been totally transformed! I think I’ll stay for a while!! Thank you Jack,


R.A., TORONTO - 2011

Jack Torossian of Golden Bee Homes Inc. recently completed a renovation of our basement laundry room . He did an excellent job of transforming a 72 year old unfinished basement room into a light, bright, and well-appointed laundry room. The experience for us was very satisfactory because Jack:

prepared a detailed summary of the work to be done and carefully explained how he would accomplish it. offered helpful suggestions. was honest about what could and could not be done to an old basement briefed us daily on what he had done. kept us informed about when he would return and what he would be doing next. cleaned and tidied up after each day’s work. quickly incorporated any changes which we wanted as the work progressed. was conscientious about searching for particular products we wanted to use. We would recommend Golden Bee Homes to anyone considering a renovation project.


P. AND P. E. , TORONTO - 2010

The kitchen is the heart of our house and the job could only be done by someone who was qualified and could be trusted for the job. After discussing our kitchen renovation ideas with several different contractors, we knew Jack was the best person for the job. Jack was very organized and helpful in making the plans for our kitchen. He was there with ideas and suggestions and even accompanied us to the various stores to make our selections. He treated the decisions at hand as if they were for his own home. Never have we experienced this level of commitment and devotion from a person doing work in our home. The renovation work began on time and we were informed of the work and progress throughout the entire job. All the workers were courteous, polite, and always looked for our opinion and satisfaction. It was clear to see that Jack takes pride in the workers he hires to complete a job and he only trusts the best people with his clients. We were extremely happy with all the work that was done.

Jack was always available to take our calls and address any concerns or questions we had before, during, and even after the job was completed. Although he had other clients, Jack made us feel as if our house was the only job he was doing and that we were his priority. We would happily have Jack return to our home for work in the future as well as recommend him to anyone looking to have renovations done. He is, without a doubt, the best worker we have ever done business with and he will always be welcome in our home. Any potential clients are welcome to phone us for further information.


R. AND D. P., TORONTO - 2010

We have just completed a bathroom and family room renovation with Golden Bee Homes Inc and are thrilled with the results. The job was completed within the quoted cost and on time. The whole team was professional, courteous, and friendly and it was a real pleasure to get to know and work with Jack and his team. Jack is punctual, sticks to his word, and provides outstanding customer service. From the very start when he brought us the quote and took the time to go over it in detail with us, to the end of the job, we knew we had made the right choice in contractors! He offers good, honest advice but doesn’t push you to do anything his way. He is easy to work with and stays on top of everything. He kept us informed on how the job was progressing and what the next steps would be, and stopped by daily to monitor the progress and ensure everything was going well. We would recommend Golden Bee Homes to anyone planning a renovation and have already passed on Jack’s name to our neighbors and friends. We’re already planning our next renovation job and are looking forward to working with Jack and his team again.

N.& R. C., ETOBICOKE, ONT. - 2010

Many thanks to the team of Golden Bee Homes Inc. In Less than a week, the Pepto-Bismol Pink Bathroom in my condo has been transformed into a modern spa retreat. The advice, quick and tidy work is much appreciated. We are very happy to work with Jack, he is an easy person to work with. He took the time to go out with us, and gave us his honest advise while purchasing the materials. We look forward to work with Golden Bee Homes again to renovate our kitchen this time. We are recommending your company to all our neighbours, where already you are working in their unites. Thanks again for the entire team of Golden Bee Homes Inc.

J.M.R.C - 2010

Thanks you for the great work installing the new picture window in our master bedroom. This was my first construction project using a contractor and I must say you have set the bar extremely high. Your professionalism surprised me every step of the way. You stayed on quote and on time. The site and the rest of my home was kept very clean thanks to you complete the preparation.You were able to cut out the hole for the window and install it in a way that others thought not possible and the final products is breathtaking to everyone who see’s it. I feel completely comfortable referring Golden Bee Homes on to other people, as I am confident in both you and your team. Thanks you for making this process so easy and pleasant.

M.M - 2010

Many thanks for your assistance in renovating my Galley Kitchen.

Your Personable manner, punctuality and helpfulness in choosing materials were greatly appreciated.

It is obvious that you care about the quality of your work and strive to achieve perfection which in turn pleases the customers.

I would gladly recommend your company to others interested in renovation work.


M.C - 2010

It is with pleasure that we are providing this letter of recommendation.

We are normally quite apprehensive to have any contractor in our house; however, our worries were quickly laid to rest. Our experience was wonderful; the job was delivered on time, priced as per your quote and the quality was excellent. We would recommend your services to any of our friends and we would be happy to use your services again.

We were very impressed with you and your crew. The quality of work, timeline, cleanliness was all excellent. We found the work crews to be knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Jack, you made us very comfortable by discussing the work to be done and being present each day to inspect the work.

Please feel free to share this letter with any of your potential clients. If required, we can be reached by phone at 416-xxx-xxxx.

Thank you again for your assistance on our renovation.


BRENT & KAREN - 2010

We would heartily recommend Jack and his team for your renovation.

All tradespeople involved were very professional and courteous to us. Their work was first rate. The work was done on schedule and as promised.


JANE & DEREK - 2009

In November of 2008 my wife and I purchased a 45 year old house with the intention of renovating it and making it our dream house and for our children.

After interviewing many contractors we retained the services of Golden Bee to completely renovate our new house from top to bottom. This renovation included new flooring, kitchen, all new electrical and plumbing, fire place with a custom entertainment unit as well as all new pot lights throughout the house. This truly was a complete gut and replaced with all new!

With Jack on board we had the peace of mind we would get out hose back exactly the way we had hoped and dreamed. The work was done on time, on budget and with a level professionalism that one should expect but does not always get.

Jack patiently explained what was being done, how long it would take and provided input based on best practices on design.

My wife and I are now enjoying our “new” home at it exactly what we had wanted it to be!

It’s an understatement to say we both would strongly recommend Golden Bee Homes for all your renovation needs.


JACK & CAREN - 2009

“We recently retained the services of Golden Bee to totally renovate the washrooms in our house which included a powder room, the main washroom and an ensuite. The existing facilities were completed gutted and replaced and in once instance expanded.

The work done was completed both in a timely fashion and also with a professionalism that one could only hope to expect in all instances when retaining someone to do renovation work on their home. Jack took time to explain what was being done, when we could expect the work to be completed and counselled us on design concepts and changes to design from time ti time.

Although the usual disruptions in replacing washrooms (all at one time) occurred, our household continued to operate normally, primarly because of Jack’s attention to detail and in keeping us informed. In addition, Jack was almost always on site and his sub trades were as helpful as he was.

We would strongly recommend Golden Bee if you require services for work done to your home and we have already recommended the company to several of our friends. The kitchen will be our next project and we look forward to working with Golden Bee and with Jack in that regard.”


W. K. - 2009

“We have just completed our second project working with Golden Bee Homes on our living and dining rooms.

We found that working with Hagop from Golden Bee Homes, you always knew precisely what work was going to be done and WHEN the work was going to be completed. There were absolutely no surprises during the duration of our project because there was constant communication between Hagop and ourselves at all times. The work was executed very professionally and the trades always arrived when promised. The result at the end, was a beautiful living room and dining room as promised.

We would highly recommend Golden Bee Homes to anyone interested in completing any kind of renovation. We have already done so, and have been thanked numerous times for introducing them to Golden Bee Homes. We look forward to our future projects with Hagop.”


S. & K. P., TORONTO - 2008

We have lived in our house for over 25 years, and decided to properly finish our basement. After contacting a number of “contractors”, some whose credentials where dubious to say the least, we chose to hire Golden Bee Homes. Hagop was very patient in explaining the scope of the project and the method he would use to improve the space. He met with us several times and wanted to ensure that nothing was left out and made useful suggestions on what could be done. Most importantly, he provided us with letters like this that testified to the quality of his work, and a list of past projects. No other contractor was upfront with this information.

As the work progressed we met with all of his sub contractors, the electrician, plumber, finishing carpenter etc…All of the tradesmen were extremely professional and did a wonderful job. Having had other renovations done to our house (bathrooms and kitchen) over the years, I can honestly say that this was the best choice we have made.

Lastly, seeing is believing. I invite you to call me so that you may come over to take a look. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t find the work amazing. If you appreciate good work and honesty, then you will not be disappointed with hiring Golden Bee Homes for your renovation.



“We recently did a complete renovation of our kitchen and had the pleasure of using Hagop Torossian, as our contractor. We found Hagop to be a sincere and hard-working gentleman. His work is excellent and he takes pride in pleasing the customer. The job was done efficiently and with minimal mess. The final result is what we expected with no surprises in cost.

His crew was punctual, polite and clean. The workers arrived on time and were sensitive to our family’s needs and privacy.

Hagop was especially reassuring and was always available. He answers his call promptly and was eager to meet our needs completely. He often would say that “he won’t finish the job until we are happy”. We have no hesitation in recommending Hagop, and would certainly use him again, when needed.”


R. & W. P., TORONTO - 2008

“This is a little note to recognize your huge efforts. As a company, you are to be commended on your punctuality, honesty, and precise measures You were always true to your word and fast to accomplish what you set out to do. I am extremely pleased with your work. The granite counter tops in my kitchen and guest bathroom, the backsplash in the kitchen and the outside paint on my windows could not have been made any better by any other company. I had shopped around and found that your prices were competitive. What also sold me on your company is the punctuality and the timely manner that you had finished the work.

I thank you for this job, and look forward to doing more business with you in the future.”


S. M., TORONTO - 2008

“This is a letter of recommendation for the renovations that Jack (Hagop) Torossian, Golden Bee Homes, Inc., completed in our house recently. Jack’s workmanship’s standards are very high.

We hired Jack to renovate our upstairs bathrooms as well as some detail work on the main floor. This included electrical, plumbing, painting and installation of vanities, ceramic tile, etc. Each job was not deemed complete until Jack was 100% satisfied, as well as us. He was most respectful of time, and was on the job when he said he would be and completed the job in good time. Jack is the utmost professional and we would not hesitate to recommend Jack.”


R. K., TORONTO - 2008

“Golden Bee Homes Inc. and his staff performed outstanding work throughout our basement project. All the workers were very pleasant, courteous, knowledgeable and conscientious who took pride in there work. There attention to detail was meticulous and improved the total appearance of the area. Also, they were very competent professionals in their dealings with us. One thing that impressed me was their efforts to keep the house clean. Use of drop sheets, daily vacuuming and careful work habits all contributed.

Jack was excellent at scheduling meetings with us and the other trades people, as required which ensured everyone was on the same page and that work continued smooth with no delay. Most impressively, he completed a very tight schedule on time and on budget.

We were completely happy with our experience with Golden Bee Homes Inc. and highly recommend them, and would use them again for future projects.”


S. T., MARKHAM - 2008

“In early April of this year my husband and I asked Jack Torossian to replace six windows, two sliding doors, and the entrance door at the back of our house. He provided estimates for the cost of the work, and the amount of time it would take for it to be completed once the work started. Three weeks after the estimates were provided the work started. The work was completed at exactly the cost quoted and within the estimated timeline. All of the work was excellent and we are happy we hired Golden Bee Homes. Communication with Jack was very open and he was available for questions at all times. He was also patient in answering our various queries.

I will also add that Jack performed some small household maintenance jobs for us at no extra charge despite the fact that we wished to compensate him for the time involved in doing this work.

We found Jack to be an honest broker whose work is excellent. We recommend his company anyone who needs small or large household construction and repair work done.”


M. O., TORONTO - 2008

January 2008

“We would like you to know how impressed and amazed we are with our completed project. What can we say?!!

The kitchen, bathroom and laundry room are fabulous. Throughout the renovation, we were constantly bragging about how expertly and quickly the work was being preformed and how clean the job site was at all times.

Most importantly, we want you to know how much we appreciated the level of professionalism and expert advise and dedication you gave to our project. We feel so happy that after several years of searching, we finally have a renovation company that left us with such a positive experience, the fear of completing future renovations is gone!! In fact we look forward to working with Golden Bee Homes again.

We would like to extend our sincere thankyou to the entire team of Golden Bee Homes for treating us and our entire project like royalty!! We are definitely recommending your company to all of our neighbors and friends and family!!”


S. & K. P., TORONTO - 2008

“I recently did some renovation work to my house and used the services of Jack Torossian of Golden Bee Homes.

I can only speak very highly of Hagop. He is honest, reliable, punctual and a superb craftsman. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone that requires a first rate competent builder.”


G. E. B., TORONTO - 2007

“Last month I decided to renovate my washroom. With the hot housing market taken into play, and the vast number of builders that are looking fora job it was hard to make my decision on who to take into service. We have all dealt with crooked, dishonest, and lying builders before, and I didn’t want to make the same mistake again. I was fortunate enough to have been referred to Hagop Torossian, through a colleague of mine. From the very second the set foot in my house to the very last second I haven’t seen anything but professionalism, hard work, and utmost honesty.

Before he began renovations, he sat down with me and explained and showed me everything that had to be done, down to the very last detail. This way I felt very comfortable with the work that he was bout to do, and I wasn’t kept in the dark. By the end of the experience I felt like I knew enough to build my own washroom. He has a great sense of time management, and he respected all of his appointments. Not only was he on time every day, but he even came in before hand to check with the work at task. He was very approachable at all times, and everyone in my family felt comfortable with him.

I have never seen such a dedicated, honest, and sincere man in my life. He gives 110% effort to any job he starts, regardless of its magnitude. I recommend Hagop for any job that needs to be completed. This way you can have piece of mind that the job will be done correctly the first time, and at the best price possible” “The best building decision of my life, was to hire Hagop Torossian”


S. T., TORONTO - 2007