Why renovate? Renovation is the process of renewing through a careful process of repair or rebuilding. Home renovations are an excellent opportunity for homeowners to restore, improve, and increase the value of their homes. If you have been itching to add functionality, comfort, and appeal to your living space, but are daunted by the process, call on the experts at Golden Bee Homes for the quality home renovations in North York you desire. We make ideas become a reality, incorporating your unique style and vision while staying within your defined budget requirements. 

Golden Bee Homes employs specialty teams dedicated to architectural design, interior design, project management, and home renovation services for a comprehensive approach to every North York home renovation project we complete. 

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Our Services In North York

Golden Bee Homes guides our clients through all phases of a successful home renovation in North York. A dedicated project manager will take you from concept to design and completion for a new build, home improvements, or other remodeling needs. We deliver award-winning designs and services such as:


Value-building home additions in North York require innovators that can maximize your budget while bettering the functionality of your home. Successful home additions depend upon organic transitions to preserve the natural flow of design and function in your home. Our meticulous attention to detail can help focus your objectives, so your home addition magnifies your investment while minimizing costs. 


Custom home builds are an exciting way to incorporate your style and dreams from start to finish. Construction projects with Golden Bee Homes make custom home building in North York a breeze, with experts dedicated to managing costs, schedules, risk management assessments, building permits, and more. Assembling a custom home team with Golden Bee Homes gives you access to gold-standard service and support from day one. 

Get your custom home build off the ground with Golden Bee Homes, your one-stop shop in North York. Our architectural and design services are second to none! Contact us today at 416-495-8282 to schedule a consultation. 


While exterior renovation options as a condo owner are limited to building and property owner parameters, interior design upgrades are plentiful. From one-room redesigns to whole-condo renovations, our interior designers are ready for the task! We start with a consultation to evaluate your needs, vision, and design preferences. Then, we collaborate with you to establish the perfect design, precisely selecting materials to meet your needs and budget.


One of the best places to add value to your current home is in the kitchen. In fact, the kitchen is the most popular room to renovate, with homeowners recouping approximately 59% of their kitchen renovation costs. Spruce up this oft-frequented living space with the design excellence our innovative team brings.

Bring new life and functionality to your home with a modern kitchen renovation project that is sure to turn heads. Contact us today at 416-495-8282 to discover your North York kitchen renovation options.


Bathroom renovations can offer unforeseen money savings through energy-efficient bathroom upgrades. Modern toilets, showerheads, plumbing, and piping are equipped with designs that save you money on your energy bills each month. On average, a bathroom should be remodeled every four to five years to keep your home investment sound and to support resale goals. Golden Bee Homes can help you learn about all the money-saving options a beautiful bathroom renovation offers.


Create the perfect retreat while adding value to your home with a master suite renovation project handled by the pros. Needing something different, adapting to changes in your living situation, needing more space, or wanting to add resale value to a dated space are all common reasons to remodel your master suite. Whatever your reasons may be, partnering with Golden Bee Homes ensures your objectives are well defined and your expectations are exceeded. 

Why Choose Golden Bee Homes?

North York home renovations, home additions, or custom home builds may feel intimidating when faced on your own. Your desire to improve your home’s value, function, and appeal can be well-intended but requires the expertise and know-how of industry professionals to get your best return on investment and ultimate success. Partnering with Golden Bee Homes gives you immediate access to superior workmanship standards and unparalleled service.

Expect complete transparency throughout your home renovation process with an ironclad customer satisfaction guarantee. Golden Bee Homes is a fully licensed, registered, and insured Toronto home design-build firm that offers diverse design, residential construction, and renovation services. Our industry knowledge, commitment to quality building materials, and focused client attention make renovating or building a custom home profitable and enjoyable. 

We’re building Canada one home at a time! Contact us today at 416-495-8282 to learn about our full range of residential construction and renovation services in North York. Our dedicated team is ready to revitalize your living space and bring your unique style to life!

North York At A Glance

North York, Toronto, Ontario, exhibits the original charm of its 19th-century roots. Saw and grist mills by the banks of the Don River that run through North York gave rise to the community that stands today. This highly sought-after living community boasts access to the North York Public Library, retail shops, offices, restaurants, and its own North York Centre Station on the Yonge-University Line. Housing styles in North York are diverse and plentiful, spanning a construction timeline that stretches from the early 1800s to the present. The popularity of period homes attracts buyers from all over the country. Golden Bee Homes marries the historic charm of North York homes with modern functionality and design elements to meet all our homeowners’ needs. 

Looking for some visual inspiration for your upcoming North York renovation project? Swipe through our online portfolio of North York home renovations and imagine the endless possibilities available to you! 

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