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Backyard Ideas for the Ultimate Outdoor Space

View of patio in residential yard. Pergola above outdoor dining area with string lights; a firepit in the distance.

You don’t need a wild imagination to conceptualize and construct your ideal outdoor space, you just need an eco-friendly home construction and renovation team to turn your vision into reality. At Golden Bee Homes, we offer renovations for exterior spaces to elevate your backyard and turn it into an at-home retreat. 

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5 Design Upgrades To Make Your Backyard Luxurious

  • Brighten your outdoor space with atmospheric lighting: A great space is nothing without the right lighting. For the perfect lighting for every occasion, you’ll want to install customizable lighting solutions. This allows your space to shift from diffused, soft lighting for quiet nights to bright lights for more active use.
  • Build a pergola or covered porch: Nothing makes a space more uncomfortable than the threat of rain or unbearable heat. To give character to your backyard space while staying protected from the elements, consider shade that extends the comfort of your interior space into your backyard.
  • Add an outdoor or built-in fire pit: Consider adding an outdoor fire pit for those chilly nights to instantly upgrade your backyard space and add value that never fades. You’re guaranteed to create cinematic memories with your friends and family.
  • Create a luxury lounge: If you’re looking to seamlessly merge your indoor experience with your outdoor space, then an outdoor lounge is the way to go. With stylish, comfortable seating, built-in bars, and other amenities to customize your space, you’ll want to spend more time enjoying your backyard.
  • Install an outdoor fountain for beauty, wellness, and value: There’s a fountain for every home, and finding the right one for yours is the best way to add tranquility and elegance to your yard. This landscape feature boasts curb appeal and drowns out surrounding noises to create serenity right in your backyard.

Why Choose Golden Bee for Your Exterior Renovation?

It takes a village to get the job done. At Golden Bee Homes, we’re a team of hard-working professionals with one goal in mind: to provide home services that elevate the comfort of your interior and exterior environment. Our process consists of three simple steps to turn your backyard dreams into a physical space you can enjoy year-round: design, refine, and build.

We provide transparent communication to ensure your residential home renovation project is perfected to the last detail.

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