Your home should be a space that’s tailored to your every need. By choosing to build a custom home in Etobicoke, you’ll achieve exactly that when working with the award-winning designers and architects at Golden Bee Homes.

Our experienced design and construction professionals have helped countless homeowners bring their unique visions to life. Offering a broad selection of top-quality materials, features, and fixtures, we’re confident in our team’s ability to create inspiring living spaces that last a lifetime.

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What’s Included In Custom Home Renovation?

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Building a custom home means the possibilities are virtually endless. With our knowledgeable design team by your side, we can make your home as simple or complex as you desire. You’ll be responsible for selecting:

  • Layout: How many bedrooms, bathrooms, and stories will your custom home design feature?
  • Materials: What flooring, paint, backsplashes, and other stylistic features will your design include?
  • Fixtures: What types of lighting, cabinet hardware, railings, and other unique features will your home have?
  • Furnishings: Will your custom home design feature custom cabinetry, shelving, and architectural designs?

The answer to all these questions will come to you as you work closely with our design team. We’ll help you navigate the entire custom home building process from concept to construction so you can create a unique space that satisfies your every need, want, and desire.

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Why Build A Custom Home In Etobicoke?

The choice to build a custom home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. There are several reasons why building a custom home in Etobicoke is an excellent choice, including:

  • Design: Building your own home gives you total control over all design elements.
  • Customization: A custom home gives you the chance to include custom elements, such as cabinetry, shelving, and built-in features.
  • Functionality: When you build a custom home, the space is designed to be as functional as it is beautiful.
  • Privacy: You get to choose the land you build on, allowing you to select a space that’s as private as you’d like.
  • Quality: Designing a custom home allows you to choose higher-quality materials that last longer.
  • Budget: Your custom home can be as expensive or affordable as you choose since you set the budget.

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Why Choose Golden Bee Homes?

Awarded Custom Home Builder of the Year in 2022, Golden Bee Homes is proud to be the region’s premier custom home builder. Our transparent, personalized design process ensures that every home we build is designed to the client’s precise specifications.

Our Golden Standard sets the bar for our services and demonstrates our commitment to:

  • Quality: We’ll consistently and simultaneously deliver unparalleled service and quality work by pursuing excellence in our projects, ensuring we finish on time and on budget.
  • Empathy: Our proven process puts you in control of your renovation journey, guiding you through every step, from concept to completion. You’ll get consistent and clear communication and can expect a responsive, proactive approach from our team.
  • Knowledge: We strive to break the stigma of renovators and builders in Toronto having a bad reputation by leading by example and contributing toward our team’s education. At Golden Bee Homes, we always seek out knowledge, and that includes embracing new technology to bring your ideas to life.
  • Integrity: Our professionals will share knowledge from years of experience in the industry and advise you to make the best decision for you and your family, even if it means being honest, upfront, and transparent.
  • Humanity: We live by and apply our core values to everything we do. When you partner with us, your satisfaction will be our top priority, and we show it through the quality of our work. 

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