If you are looking to understand the Golden Process when considering Golden Bee Homes for your upcoming home renovation project, it is important to understand what the key differences are between professional renovators and others. 

Having a process in place, having good reviews, and proof of work to back up the talk is the standard. However, there are other factors that you should also be considering.

Some questions you may already have can include the following:

  • Can I trust them to bring my vision to life?
  • Will the result reflect what I have in mind?
  • Should I trust them with this huge investment?
  • What if they fail to do a good job, or worse, disappear once I pay them?
  • Can they be trusted?

At Golden Bee Homes, your peace of mind throughout the project is our priority and that is why we know the importance of providing you with answers to any questions you may have. We believe that with our approach, we strive to deliver on our promise of upholding our Golden Standard, and it all starts with our Mission.


Our Mission

We focus on providing an unparalleled renovation experience to families in Toronto looking to tailor their space and avoid the headaches associated with most renovations by understanding their unique challenges and ensuring their peace of mind.

With a passionate team of knowledgeable experts and years of building experience, we are here to assist you at every step of your renovation journey and uphold our Golden Standard.


But What Is The Golden Standard?

The Golden Standard is our promise to you. We work and live by a set of Core Values to help us consistently provide you with unparalleled renovation experience and ensuring your peace of mind. We strive to always:



Why Do We Talk About An Experience?

What Does Peace Of Mind Mean?


But how does upholding our Golden Standard translate into us delivering a unique experience while providing you with peace of mind?

Well, during your renovation project, we go the extra mile. Some examples of what we do includes: 

  • Designing and Building your home as per Municipal and Ontario Building codes
  • Setting meetings with architects, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, if needed with our Design Team being involved
  • Carrying $5M liability insurance
  • Using Licensed and Insured Sub-Contractors only
  • Informing the neighbours with a letter that includes the contact information of the people in charge of the site so that they can reach out if any inconveniences occurs
  • Keeping them informed of dust, noise, or deliveries to keep the street safe
  • Keeping the site clean at the end of each day
  • Keeping your address hidden from any marketing material
  • Respecting your privacy as you invite us into your home
  • Assigning you a dedicated Project Manager that will also be available in case of any emergencies at any hours


Our years in the trade have helped us refine our process to guarantee that the experience we will be delivering to you as our client is unrivalled and uniquely tailored to match your needs.


Still have questions? Just give us a call!