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Top 5 Kitchen Trends of 2022 | Renovation in Toronto

Newly renovated kitchen with modern shaker cabinets, open shelving, and new backsplash.

Do you love to prepare meals for your family, bake desserts for friends and neighbours, or entertain large crowds? If you’re frustrated by the lack of counter space, storage, and seating in your kitchen, you may be ready to renovate it. Think about how you use your kitchen and what improvements you need to make it more functional and beautiful.

For inspiration, consider these top five kitchen trends of 2022. Then, turn to a reputable design/build company in Toronto to make your kitchen renovation dreams come true.

Pops of Colour

White kitchens will never go out of style, but colour is making a comeback in 2022. Having spent more time at home since the pandemic began, many people are adding pops of colour in the kitchen and elsewhere to make the house feel more personal. Trendy options include sage green, cheery yellow, and aquamarine. If you prefer to stick with neutral tones for the cabinets, counters, walls, and floors, you can always add more colour with accessories.

Versatile Lighting Options

Nothing makes a kitchen more inviting than having a beautiful view of the great outdoors. In addition to expansive windows behind the kitchen sink, adding oversized skylights above the island will bathe the kitchen in natural light. Of course, the sun will set eventually, which means you also need ample artificial light. As a result, accent and task lighting are major kitchen trends of 2022. Under-cabinet lighting, wall sconces,track lights, and other versatile options make it easy to illuminate your kitchen for any occasion.

Spaces for Kids & Pets

The kitchen has always been considered the heart of the home, but it’s more important than ever to make the space inviting for every family member. The first goal is to create a kid-friendly kitchen, complete with a comfortable place to work on homework, scroll through social media, or hang out with friends where they won’t get in the way of dinner being made.

Kitchens in 2022 also aim to make pets feel welcome. If you have a furry friend living with you, consider adding a pull-out feeding station, treat zone, or cubby beneath the island where your pet can hang out without getting underfoot.

More Storage Space

Every functional kitchen needs adequate storage space. That’s why designers maximize every available inch by offering custom kitchen storage solutions, including drawer dividers, pull-out shelves, corner drawers, and door-mounted racks. Another popular option is to install a device storage drawer with built-in outlets and USB ports. That way, the whole family can charge their gadgets without cluttering up the counter.

Smart Features

The world is more connected than ever before, and the kitchen is no exception! The upward trend in “smart” kitchen features is still gaining momentum. You can find cabinets that raise and lower with the touch of a button and refrigerators that automatically add milk to the digital shopping list when the jug is running low. You might upgrade to colour-changing light bulbs you can control with an app or an oven that sends a notification to your phone once it’s preheated. These are just a few examples of what smart kitchens can do to improve your home.

Renovate Your Kitchen in Toronto, ON

The great thing about these kitchen trends is that they’ll remain timeless additions to your Toronto home well beyond 2022. Turn to Golden Bee Homes for expert input as you begin designing your dream kitchen. We bring years of passion and experience to the table, with services designed to take your project from start to finish with less stress and more satisfaction.

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