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Benefits of a Custom Home Builder

A modern white and brick home with trees and columns by the front door.

The prospect of building a new home is exciting, allowing you to live in a brand-new space you’ve chosen for yourself. While production builders can be a good option for many homebuyers, there’s another option you may not have considered: working with a custom home builder. If you’ve always had a specific vision of what you’d like out of a home or enjoy being included in the process, a custom home builder can make the experience a memorable stage of your life.

Four Advantages of Custom Builds

Why select a custom home build rather than a production home? Consider these four benefits.

A Project That’s Uniquely You

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with choosing a “cookie-cutter” home plan for a new build, but there’s something a bit disheartening about knowing your house is the same as all the others on your street. A custom builder will make every effort to capture your unique needs and aesthetics so your home will stand out.

Design Involvement

With a custom builder, you have a hand in the design process — whether it’s just picking a few accent materials or influencing every detail from start to finish.

Location, Location

A significant benefit is not being limited to pre-planned neighborhoods. A custom build means you can build anywhere you like and live exactly where you choose.

Green Living

Production builders aren’t concerned with energy efficiency beyond whatever codes require. With a custom build, you can go all-out on the features that will lower your energy bills and be environmentally friendly.

Our Design Process

At Golden Bee Homes, we make the custom home-building experience as simple and flexible as possible to deliver the home you’ve dreamt of. Our three-step design process is streamlined and service-oriented.

Step One: Design

We’ll send a designer to meet with you on-site, with the intent to make sure we’re a good fit for your project. Based on what you tell us about your needs and vision, we’ll draw up a first design.

Step Two: Refine

You review the design and request any adjustments you see fit, and we’ll work with you to get down all the details, from materials to finishes — all with your budget in mind. At the end of this step, we’ll finalize the design and budget.

Step Three: Build

Once the design and details are finalized, we start our streamlined and high-quality build process and keep you in the loop as we make our way through the timeline. After you’re satisfied with the final walkthrough, it’s time to enjoy your new custom home.

Choose Golden Bee Homes for Your Custom Build

At Golden Bee Homes, we’re passionate about what we do. We conduct every build with a focus on quality, knowledge, integrity, and dedication to your ultimate satisfaction with your new home. Our award-winning custom home builds are unmatched in quality, and our process ensures you receive the home you’ve worked so hard for.

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